Animation Experiment's

Gun Soldier Run aiming Gun

Evil laugh

Dance Practice (Sword Dance)
For Tango Fencing dance....

The Force of the Darkside!! xD
I was surfing Darth Vader vids and this happened...

Waltz simple dance step - Test
(Still polishing)

Warrior run with weapon in hand

Kyokushin Karate Kata
With a few extra move's that are not suppose to be there

3rd Animation Test: Sword Play "Tango Fencing"
Romantic, yes it is.

Roundhouse Kick / Counter Slash
(Deleted scene from Tango Fencing)

2nd Animation Test: Gunslinger
I was inspired by Devil May Cry behind the scene's stunt performance.

1st Animation Test
The very first time I learned making animations in Sims 3. Here I tried experimenting on Cloudwalkers Gun poses. So I would say this one is just partly unoriginal.

Uploaded from Daily Motion (Click Link to View)

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  1. These are amazing! Where did you get Lucien's weapon at?! Love your animations, vidoes, and poses! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. I found it here chobits

      Thank you! :D

  2. I really want to use these in my videos *_*. They are so amazing :d

  3. Your quite good at making animations...