Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gunslinger Dance Animation

You can use either Pose or Animation Player for this. Actually, this one was meant to be just Gunslinger poses. I just made them move and created zombie reactions to make some action scene. :D

Video Presentation


Friday, April 6, 2012

Gunslinger Dance Animation Test

This is a little preview of what I've decided to release next. There are still a few more that I have to fix but it's most likely ready to go. I may have to add some facial expressions but it depend if i'll have time. I copied the gunslinger action from DMC stunt practice performed by Reuben Langdon. But of course my animation isn't perfect XD

Just a preview. I will still have to finish this video when I get back.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Partner Training Poses

Let's train in the mountains!!! :D

Tag Team
Let's get him Lunxi!!!

 (Eustace is this Butler, I got too lazy to change the fle name hehe... )

Taunting Glide Pose

Oh this was part of the little story I created for Lunxi and Vincent. Just a vampire gliding pose XD

Only the pose of the guy:

(Rape Face LOL)

Undead Love Poses

It's time for Romance! These poses are actually a product of some roleplaying incidents with my friends in Facebook. Can you believe how productive rolepalying can be? Hahaha! XD

The models name are Lunxi and Vincent. Vincent is actually part of my Machinima story from "Undying" and my friends seems to be enjoying his character on roleplay :D

But this probably won't be included for the real thing XD

Set 1: First Kiss

Set 2: 2nd Kiss

Set 3: Seduction Stealth

Set 4: Neck Breaker :D

The last pose is possible for undead couples because they have the ability to regenerate. Trying these on human might look a little morbid. I think.... XD