Symphony of the Dead / Undying

Personal Characters:

Leus Fortesque
"The Dark Prince "

He plays the role of Dracula in my Machinimas. Leus has been a personal character ever since I started drawing for my own mangas in the old days. He was recently converted in to a Sims 3 character. His life should stay a mystery for he shall only introduce himself as a Count who owns his very own isolated land. The people that lived there doesn't see him and many rumors spread that his castle is cursed.

He also plays the role of prince Lucien in my Fantasy Adventure Machinima I'm planning to do.


" The Orphan"

She has no memory of her past or even remembers her real name. She was bought by Leus from slave traders when she was 4. After that, Leus left her under the care of a small Church Orphanage until she turns 10 and then eventually she was sent back to his fortress where she undergoes dangerous combat training under his orders. This is sort of my sim version. She's also the main character in my old manga stories.

Eustace Van Rutherford
"The Butler"

He was educated at the Order of the Dragon Rebirth Institution. He also studies about philosophy and politics. Besides being a butler, he is also the most high skilled, well trained cooperative of Fortesque's Organization. He has been the Count's most lethal weapon on executing missions on his past and preset crusades. He also trains Kiara in the most dangerous ways of combat and survival against all sorts of demonic creatures that brings disturbance to the human world and the Chruch.

Vincent Weis

He was made by an unknown Shadow Organization derived from Leus’s genes. An artificial vampire designed to become the Count's death. His skills are almost equal to the point where he can surpass his abilities but he cannot resurrect himself unlike Leus can. He also cannot transform himself to any shape or summon his own familiars for he was customized to be a modern type weapon. His abilities specialises more on guns.
Although he acts so much like a jerk on times, Vincent actually enjoys playing these kinds of roles. A happy-go-lucky player that interests on weaker humans. But he can also be a very serious person when I comes to achieving his goals.

Tale's of Animus 
Machinima and Comics Project

This is curretly what I am working on. It's a fantasy story just like the one's you see in a role playing game but I might focus more on doing animation for battle scenes :D

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