Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just some notes: I have watchers?!

Waw thank you so much! Sorry, I don't have anything to share in this post. But I would just like to take this space on thanking everyone who are watching/subscribed or even added me as friend! Thank you so much! It really helps me feel like I want to create more. Though it may not be as many as the others, anyway I've just started xD And yeah, I'm not really good in my English for I have a different mother tongue.

My works are not really perfect. I mean, most of the anims I do are sort of unfinished... because I am too lazy :( So I will only share those that I think people might find useful like some anims from my first Machinima. (Well actually that wasn't my first, but I consider my first good Machinima. The others sucks... xD)

And lastly, I believe that custom animations in Sims 3 will soon have a new and wonderful technique as the genius Mo-cap converter "Umpa" have demonstrated in his vids.

"Will this mean an END to my creations?"

Hehe nah... I enjoy doing this and I consider it as art. I may still keep on animating stuff, maybe focus on facial expressions or something. (It's what I'm only good at -__-) Haha! But ofcourse were talking about the near future. As of now I still don't get the whole process of converting so I'm still making stuff.... And if your curious right now I am making, *or continuing rather* my animations for "Tango Fencing" which was a project I left months ago because I had an urge to do the "Dracula" theme Machinima. "I don't want to waste my anims!" xD

And hmm what else... I have nothing more to say, but THANK YOU!!! ^o^


And here is a picture of my Sim Family!!! :D


  1. Awe what a cute sim family.

  2. That is a gorgeous family! Love your work!!!

  3. I don't comment much, but I want to say thank you, Ausagi! I love your animations and poses. And your pictures are wonderful too =]

    1. Hey missanne! Are you the one from Simatography? Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I appreciate it :3

  4. Great picture of your family!
    And your english is fine, don't worry about it...
    Keep up the good work missy!

    1. Thank you Kilhian your comment warms my heart! XD