Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sims 3 MMD Bo Bo Peep - By Umpa

Hey guys! He just released this new dance! Check it out on his page here! - Umpa Blog

I tested the first version he uploaded but I found some bug. But now it's fixed and the dance was divided to 4 parts. I wanted to make another video of it but unfortunately I have no time to make a proper one because the dance seem to be a bit longer than the Galaxias.

I did capture the test I made so I'll upload it here. (Remember: this animation is not mine!) 

I was in the middle of my Haunted Japanese House adventure story photoshoot, so the characters here are wearing Kimono's. And the ghost is in the middle lol! This was the first version of what Umpa uploaded. They all disappeared so I had to fade out on the dance in the end of this video.

This is the second one but I just choose some funny clips. I made Vincent dance to this and it's just soo funny xDD You can see the facial expressions here! Yes Umpa did a good job with them! XD


  1. hello ~
    I was wondering if you want to convert dancing pose next time...
    you can convert this song!
    the song name is Hello\How Are You ? (japanese name is ハロ/ハワユ)
    This song is soooo cute~
    I'm not good at these thing .. T T
    Do you remember long time ago you told me how to transfor the pose..but..i still learing lol...
    if you can transfor this dance to sims 3 ! It will my pleasure ! ♥

    (sor ,my english is not very well

    1. Hey Sunmerry, well thanks for the comment but sad to say that I don't know how to convert dances yet. This animation is not mine, it belongs to Umpa. (Check the highlighted orange font up there to go to his link :D) Umpa is the one converting MMD dances, you can ask him if you want. :D

    2. I mean blue font that saids "Umpa Blog" it's directed to his page :D

    3. ok=)
      that's ok
      thanks for telling me
      anyway you are still awesome!